A Lady of Miracles

A grace-filled day today. Any chance to get to visit with my friend Lili is always a blessing. To witness her miraculous healing firsthand and to be able to pray for her continued recovery was icing on the cake. I've learned much from this faithful woman since I met her in 2004 and I realized today that I have more to learn and she has more to teach. Everything happens for a reason and Lili knows she has work to do. Lili was in a terrible car accident in November of 2011. It's a wonder she even survived... not to mention the fact that she is recovering and healing better than anyone (including her doctors) had ever hoped. She just had another surgery on her should last week and the doctor couldn't believe how well she had healed and called it a miracle. (Getting a doctor to admit to a miracle is somewhat of a miracle in itself.) To see her feeling well, looking well and hopeful for more to come was really a wonderful, grace filled gift. Lili's kind spirit has always been a healing and calming presence to me, and now, that gift is even more profound.