Golden Gate Bridge

Beach Day again today, and only 2 weeks after the last one. I could get used to this schedule. Today it was just Leroy and I. We traveled to our favorite city, San Francisco. Leroy had searched the Internet for beautiful beaches and each site recommended Baker Beach, so that's where he headed. Even with the fog bank in all day, we were not disappointed. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge was spectacular.

We ran around some of these rocks when the waves were out to get a little bit closer I was surprised at the small numbers of people on the beach. I quickly realized why it was empty. That particular area is a NUDE BEACH! I realized this as I rounded the corner and came face to face with a naked guy. It scared the hell out of me. Even though Leroy denies knowing that it was partially a nude beach, I'm not sure I believe him. He did an awful lot of research before we left home. I am only confident that he too was disappointed to find the one nude individual that we did see.

We did see some dinner on the beach. Although it was not ready to eat it was more appetizing than the nude guy. The photo on the left is a cluster of HUGE mussels and on the right, very small limpets (a Portuguese favorite.)

On our way to the Wharf, we stopped for another spectacular view of the bridge on the East side. We'll be back to walk these paths, walk the span of the bridge and maybe even bring our bikes. I think we could easily spend a week over here and do something we love each and every day. Now that I think about it, that's an excellent challenge.