I love to sleep. I always have required a lot of sleep, so it's a good thing I enjoy it. I love a routine, and when that includes good, solid rest... I feel so much better and can tackle the world. We started using the health supplement Asea in March and while I've noticed several benefits, one of the most substantial is my ability to sleep well. I no longer require the medication that I had been taking for the last 3 years. I go to sleep quickly, I sleep soundly and I don't wake up in the middle of the night.

My sleep improved immediately, but today it dawned on me how consistent it is now. I don't ever go to bed wondering if I'll rest. I'm confident that each night will be as restful as the night before. I have no anxiety.

It could be said that physical health is the greatest grace of all. Sometimes we don't even know how bad we feel until we start feeling good again.