High School Baseball

It's been a long time since I've seen Central Catholic compete in any sport. I don't think I've seen a high school game since football season ended in November. That's a long time for me. Today we went to Lodi and watched Central's game against Vista del Lago. I don't know many of the boys anymore, but I know OF most of them. The names are familiar but these boys grow so fast, I don't recognize them. But Leroy knows them all. Most of these boys played for him on the football field at one time or another. They are his boys and he is invested in them. It's difficult for him to be a spectator in the stands, even at a baseball game, but he endures to watch his boys.

Our team lost today, which ends their season. It's a tough one. And once again, I'm left with an aching heart for the seniors on the team. It's such a difficult transition. I have tremendous respect for student athletes at all levels. But the mama in me wants to protect them as well. These are all life lessons and they're well prepared.

You win some, you lose some. And grace has taught me that there's something to learn, even in the losses.