Pretty Feet

I don't like to brag, but I really do have very pretty feet... despite what my family says. I think they are just jealous. Neither one of my children were blessed with this family trait. They just pretend like it doesn't bother them. But I know the truth. I don't spend a lot on personal maintenance (obviously) but I do like to splurge on a pedicure in the summer. (Well, that and my extensive make-up collection.) The funny thing is the fact that I HATE getting a pedicure. I only endure the torture because my toes look so much better in the end. No matter how hard I try, I cannot come close to making them look decent on my own. I do spend a little extra and get the Shellac pedicure so I only have to go about once a month and the color doesn't wear off when I wear real shoes.

Pedicures are not enjoyable... but pretty feet are so I can justify the time and expense. It's a little piece of momentary happiness every time I look down. If it makes me happy, it's has to be grace.