Bad A$$ at 80!

I met a friend today at the Apple Store. She was interested in purchasing an iPad which would be her very first Apple product. I offered to go along to help navigate her through. She is new to Apple and the whole experience (including the store) can be a bit overwhelming. I was happy to help because any reason to visit the Apple Store is pure, amazing, grace. (I even love the way it smells.) So my friend decided to buy the iPad. When she pulls out her credit card, the Apple employee did a double take. On her card, she has a picture of herself from a hunting trip. In the shot, she's kneeling beside her kill which is a HUGE African animal of some sort. (Giselle or Antelope... something like that... I don't know.) When she asked him if he wanted to see her drivers' license, the employee said yes... but he was still in shock. He asked her, "Is that you?" And she quietly replied, "yes." He looked her straight in the eye and told her he was going to be much nicer to her from now on. I looked at him and said, "She's kind of a bad ass."

Now... to truly appreciate this story, you must realize that my friend is 80 years old. And that hunting trip to Africa wasn't too long ago. This lady has it going on. She's one sharp cookie and I love spending time with her. It's always a pleasure. I hope to have my stuff together half as well as she does by the time I reach her age. She's truly inspirational. I am truly blessed to call her my friend.