Free Shipping

I hate shopping. I love buying, (mostly the getting part) but I hate shopping. Clothes shopping is the worst. I am no fashionista. If it were up to me, I'd have 2 sets of clothes. I'd wear one and wash the other... each day. I guess there is the exception of the Apple Store. Like I said yesterday... I even love the smell of that place.

Fortunately for me, Leroy relieves me of the chore of shopping most of the time. Alas, shopping is a necessary evil, even for me. As much as I hate shopping in stores, I love shopping online. I'd do everything online if I could. Most of the time I can't justify the shipping costs. But more and more sites are offering free shipping with a minimum purchase. (Which I usually exceed.) My favorite online site is, but I even indulge in and their free shipping policy. (Actually, I'd pay shipping so I wouldn't have to walk into a Walmart.)

Now it sounds silly to be thankful for online shipping and free shipping, but THRIVE on efficiency. I love to find ways to be more efficient and to save time. I've got much better things to do than to buy flea medicine at Walmart.