Sunny Side Up

So you could probably tell from last night's post I was not in a good place. After the awards ceremony we went to Denny's and I ate a bunch of crap that didn't agree with me. The trouble is, I knew it before I ate it... but like so many other times and paid the price later. This one lasted a bit longer than usual and I was miserable.

The same thing happens with Diet Coke. I love it, but I feel better when I drink water instead. Each day I get up resolving not to drink it anymore, and before the day's over, I've had at least one. (Either one can or 1 Large from fountain.) Ugh. I hate this.

But the good news is that I got up this morning with a fresh start. I'm always so amazed at how good I feel, just when I stop feeling terrible. (Does that make sense?) It's like being in pain. If the pain eases even just a little bit, I always feel so much better immediately, even tough I'm still in some pain.

I have food issues. I always have... and if they were easy to fix, they would have been fixed by now. But I can always start over and try to make a different choice. That's grace at it's best.

I'll let you know it's going once in a while.