Has Beens

The Festa do Espirito Santo (Holy Ghost Celebration) de Turlock officially kicked off tonight with a mass honoring the past presidents. This year's festa will celebrate 100 years for the Turlock Pentecost Association. Leroy was #85 in that line up of distinguished men. It's been a long time since I was around the festa activities. It has been 15 years since Leroy was president... and our lives have changed dramatically since. But one thing remains the same. It takes an overwhelming amount of work and sacrifice to serve in that capacity. Only the people present at mass today will ever truly understand the sacrifice and that bonds us all together. It is the common goal of tradition and culture that brought us all together again tonight.

I'm am especially in awe of the amazing women who work year after year in service to the Holy Spirit. Ever since I started attending the Festas, it's been the same women (in general) doing the majority of the work. They are tireless. No task is too large, and no detail is missed. They are incredible.


It's good to be reminded that as much as things change, there are some things you can count on to stay the same year, after year. People still care about where they came from and want to pass that gift on to those they love.