Photo A Day June

I LOVE these photo challenges, but I'm not very good at keeping up with them. For those of you who are not familiar with this "meme," participants take one picture every day for their interpretation of the listed theme. These photos are then shared, usually on Instagram (a photo sharing app.) Going through my Instagram feed is always more fun when several of my friends keep up and the photos have a theme. I've attempted to participate a number of times, only to fall by the wayside. But with the grace of a fresh start with a new month... I'm going to give it another shot. I have a strategy now. I'm going to enter each day's theme into my "reminder" software so I won't be able to forget even if I try. I love new beginnings, start-overs, re-rides, second chances.... Whatever you want to call them. It's never too late.

Participating is always fun, but it's great to see other people's work. I invite you to join in on the fun. You don't have to share your photos if you don't want to. Just do it for the creative challenge. If you do share, be sure and tag your photo with #photoadayjune so everyone will know what concept your working with.