Garbage Day

Today, as I was bringing in the empty garbage cans, it occurred to me how thankful I am that we have regular, weekly garbage service.  Just imagine for a minute what our life... what our neighborhoods would look like if this service wasn't available to us.  Complete disaster.  What a mess.  Not only is garbage pick up convenient, it's really pretty simple too.  The most difficult part is remembering to put the cans out on Monday nights. Several years ago, Sierra and I visited New York City.  While the trip was memorable or many reasons, one of the things that sticks out in my mind the most is the garbage piled up EVERYWHERE!  It was disgusting.  Alleys, streets, sidewalks and corners were filled with piles of trash.  We literally had to walk in, around and through it on our tours.  It was horrible.  We asked if there was a garbage strike going on and they told us no... that's how it is on a regular day.  It was appalling at first and then we realized there really wasn't any other place to put it.  Even with this understanding it was still gross.

So I've discovered another joy of suburban, city living and I continue try not to take anything for granted.  Even garbage can be a source of gratitude and appreciation.