Imaginary Friends

Leroy tagged along on my visit at Casa de Modesto today with Charlie.  I've been inviting him to come with me, just one time, so he can experience for himself the joy and humbling grace that goes along with pet therapy.  I come home after each visit with stories of our visits, but it's nothing like participating. We had a great visit.  It was a little different than usual, with some of the residents absent or in a different location, but Leroy got a real sense of what we do each time we go.  He was smiling too.  The residents didn't even seem bothered by the new face.  Some of them engaged him, asking about his relationship with Charlie.  I just laughed.  A lot.

After it was over I was so happy he went with us.  But it occurred to me why.  While I'm satisfied that Leroy has a real sense of our work, I was mostly relieved that he now knew my stories were real... and that my friends were real.  It's unusual for us to have such separate relationships.  His friends are my friends and vice a versa.  But this was a part of my routine that he had never been a part of, until now.