Super Saturdays

Word cannot express the overwhelming joy we feel on Saturdays.  And I mean just because it's Saturday.  When you're a dairyman or farmer (or in a supporting role for those individuals) there are no Saturdays.  No days off, no break, no weekends.  There is work to be done every, single day.  But now that we're city slickers with "office" jobs... we get the weekends off... and it's WONDERFUL! It's even better when there is nothing scheduled for the day.  We're in the thick of graduation season around here (3 more parties today) but on a PERFECT Saturday, we have no plans and the entire day is filled with open-ended opportunity.  The world is our oyster.  It is the ultimate feeling of freedom.

We're even getting better at tuning out the world on the weekends.  (Well, I am.)  I turn off my work email addresses... and I don't worry so much about having my phone with me every, single minute of the day.  (Working from home now, my phone is attached to me like an IV during the work week.)  I try to get everything done Monday - Friday including the housework and laundry.

We are so very thankful for our jobs for many reasons... but near the top of the list is the new schedule of Monday - Friday.  I'm not so ignorant to think we won't EVER have work to do on the weekend.  Our level of commitment to our businesses goes beyond a 40 hour work week.  In Leroy's job as an insurance agent, he's always available to his customers.  But for  the most part we are free on the weekends and that makes everything better Monday through Friday.