First Best Friend

I was blessed to enjoy an early supper with my very first, best friend.  D'Ann lived across the street from us in Pleasanton, California.  We moved into the neighborhood when I was 4 and lived there until we moved to Turlock in 1977.  During our time in Pleasanton, D'Ann and I were inseparable whenever we had free time.  D'Ann was 1 year ahead of me in school, so our social time was after school and the gloriously long summers.  We had a pool... and D'Ann's parents owned and operated the Hallmark store in town.  During the summers, you would find as at one of those two places...99% of the time.  We traveled everywhere on our bikes without fear or a care in the world. D'Ann found me on Facebook a couple of years ago and we've been keeping in touch ever since.  She now lives in Arizona but is visiting family near us this week.  I was able to spend a couple of hours with her catching up and it was as if the time never passed.  We fell into that same, easy, comfortable friendship that we had known as children.  What a wonderful grace.  We both admitted a bit of anxiety about this long over due reunion, but it didn't take long to reconnect.

Just before we left, we had the hostess take a couple of pictures of us with our phones.  When I first looked at them, I literally laughed out loud as I saw our mothers on the screen.  In just those few hours of sharing with D'Ann I was transformed into the 8-year-old girl who thought the world revolved around her best friend.  The picture was an instant dose of reality.  That's how best friend relationships work.

We've vowed not to wait another 35+ years before we see each other again, and I'm already looking forward to it.