Pinterest Pointer

I love Pinterest. But, like many people I know I usually don't recreate or even attempt many of the clever ideas I pin. I'm more of a Pinterest Appreciator than I am Applicator. (If that makes sense.) Sometimes the ideas and photos are overwhelming. I find myself avoiding the site when I overdose. And I tend to overdose a lot. A really, really ambitious life goal would be to actually do all of the things you pin on Pinterest. That would be an accomplishment. One thing I have tried that I LOVE is storing cut lettuce in mason jars in the refrigerator. It is unbelievable how much longer the lettuce stays fresh. To add to the benefits, it's ready to use and looks really pretty in the fridge. I think it has been a motivator when it comes to actually eating more lettuce. Maybe.

As I write this post I'm thinking that I've probably written about this before... but no matter. It was a great thing today.