Doggie Dinner Time

I have a recurring dream... or... should I say nightmare.  In my dream, I forget to take care of a dog.  Sometimes the dog is locked in an abandoned apartment, sometimes it's in the garage.  Sometimes it's my dog but most of the time the poor dog belongs to someone else. The terror comes as I suddenly realize (in my dream) that I've forgotten the dog.  This part of the dream scares me so much that I usually wake up either screaming at Leroy to help me or just in a state of panic.  I never know what actually happens to the dog I've neglected. I'd love to get this analyzed by a real psychologist.  It has to mean something.  Right?

Anyway.. it is by pure grace (or by their inherit sense of survival... either way a gift from God) that my dogs have learned to tell time.  I'm not kidding.  Ask anyone who's ever been around us for any length of time.  My dogs know EXACTLY when it's time for their meals.  Daisy (Dauschund) is pretty lazy and will let me sleep in on most mornings at least for a little while.  Charlie (Labrador Retriever) however, prefers to be fed promptly at 6:30 am.  He is not intrusive.  He just stares at me until I wake up.  It's a little creepy.

In the evening... both of them do not let it approach 5:00 without letting you know they are hungry.  The closer it gets, the more anxious they become.  We might not see Daisy all day, but at 4:45, she comes down the stairs and starts to hang around all nonchalant.  She will revert to more profound tactics if necessary... Including (but not limited to) whining, barking, face licking and happy dancing.  Charlie, true to his character, let's her do the drama work... he just continues to stare.

This may sound like a hassle, but I'm so glad they do this everyday.  Because of my dream... I know what it feels like (sort of) to experience guilt for not taking care of a dog.  I'm so thankful these two guys won't let that happen.