Kirkland at Costco

I'm not a big fan of shopping... of any kind. But one invitation that I rarely turn down is a chance to go to Costco. I just love it there. We don't spend as much money as we used to, but it's still a little like Christmas every time we go into the store. Costco is Leroy's favorite store. He won't admit it, but he secretly LOVES to go there... and will volunteer any chance he gets. He's a regular and he always knows what's new and what's in stock. One of the added benefits of Costco is their Kirkland brand. These items are great. I've never been disappointed. I'm even a big fan of the make-up. It helps keep the cost down when I can find a Kirkland brand product versus buying a name brand. I'm always confident with the new products as long as I know it's got the Kirkland name.

We ran into Leroy's parents there today... and enjoyed a Costco lunch together. Can't beat the hot dog special!