Talking to Strangers

I saw a quote a while back that asked the question... if we don't talk to strangers, how do we ever make new friends?  We all know people who know no strangers and can easily engage someone they've never met.  I've always been very impressed with this gift, but lacked the confidence to do it myself.  I don't know what I'm afraid of... Maybe it's a self esteem issue for me. When you stop and think about it... What's the worst thing that can happen?  Being ignored?  Not being liked?  Not liking the person I meet... ?  Not such a big deal.  Not life threatening. Lately, I've made a conscious effort to strike up conversations with strangers.  It's really difficult at times, but I'm trying really hard.  There are lots of different reasons for this adventure.  First of all I'm trying to boost my confidence with communicating with people I don't know (yet), and also because I love the social experiment aspect.  I think people are fascinating and you don't ever learn about someone unless you have a conversation.  I'd like to tell you that I'm getting better but the truth is my effort is too new to measure.

Ask me again in 6 months.

Tonight I met some strangers.  I've met people under these scripted circumstances before so there is no fear involved.  At least not for me.  I'm sure some of them were very nervous.  For me there is no risk...but grace filled for sure.  The best part of meeting these people is that I KNOW (from previous experience) that we will be good friends.  We will travel on a journey together that will bring us to an uncommon intimacy through some life changing events.  They don't know it yet, but their time with me will be very significant.

I'll let them figure that out for themselves.