Dr. Baker

I am so thankful for our wonderful veterinarian Dr. Steve Baker.  He's been our doggie vet since Charlie joined our family in 2008.  Charlie and Dr. Baker are related in the sense that his son owned Charlie's grandfather... (who by the way was named Charlie too!)  He was Charlie's mother's vet throughout her pregnancy and did the first exams on Charlie and his siblings shortly after Chelsea (mom) whelped. Now as much as I LOVE Dr. Baker... Charlie has a different opinion.  He hates to go to the vet.  He doesn't even like to go through the door.  He is a little "skid dish" when Dr. Baker is around which is not typical Charlie behavior.  I'm sure Dr. Baker wonders how in the heck this shy dog could ever do Therapy work.  Daisy greets everyone at the vet by whining the entire time and peeing all over the floor when anyone talks to her.  She kicks her usual drama up several notches upon our arrival.  She is the first to realize when we're leaving and reminds me that they are due a treat for their perceived exemplary behavior.

A good veterinarian is a grace, but it's even better to have healthy dogs.  Today's check up was a good one.  Daisy is in need of a teeth cleaning, but we can work with that.  All good news all the way around.