June Beach Day

Yep... Once a month trips to the beach is one (if not the) best ideas I've ever had. The day started off late (recovering from a late night) and we encountered a few hiccups along the way. (Including leaving some of our clothes at home.) But it was all worth it when we arrived at Baker Beach in San Francisco. We loved it here so much last month, we decided to come back. We were delighted to see that the fog had burned off and we were able to see the entire Golden Gate Bridge.

photo 2
photo 2

With the warmer weather, the beach was a bit more crowded but that didn't stop us. We enjoyed a picnic, people (and dog) watching and exploring the surf.

A wonderful conclusion to our day was dinner with some dear friends at the Marines Memorial in San Francisco near Union Square. We arrived early enough to take in the beauty of this wonderful building and even peeked into the elaborate ballrooms.

Dinner was delicious and with good company, it was a wonderful end to a terrific day.