Cooler Climate

One of the benefits of visiting the Bay Area during the summer months is the respite it offers to residents of the Central Valley.  San Francisco is only 2 hours away, but it is a vastly different climate than that of the Modesto area.  Sometimes the temperate can vary as much as 40 degrees.  It is not uncommon to experience summer days in the 100's so an escape to The City is always a welcome invitation. We didn't need that relief this time.  While it's significantly cooler over there... The weather in the Central Valley has been nothing short of delightful for the last week to 10 days.  Just beautiful.  It's still warm during the day but not close to the 100's.  The nights are cool too which makes the daylight heat bearable because it is a gradual climb.

When I walked outside tonight it was down right chilly.  The breeze has kicked up too which makes it feel even cooler.

This weather isn't our normal.  And I know it won't last forever... But I'm determined to enjoy it while it's here.  Soon enough we'll be sweating it out over the century mark.  So for the time being... I'm thankful for the summer relief.