Social Media Influence

I've known for a while of the power of social media, but it wasn't until today that I witnessed that power in action. A friend of mine chose the platform of Facebook to confront the county fair for policy changes that she felt were unfair to the youth exhibitors. This makes her complaint very public and she did get a lot of support behind her statements. In the fair's defense, they did reply (publicly) and explain their position in an attempt to defuse the situation. They've got a good understanding of the power behind social media and agree with them or not, we have to appreciate their timely response. A few weeks ago I tagged an Instagram photo of my router. The hashtag was #chartersucks. I was lamenting and pouting about the poor quality of our internet service not really expecting a response other than my neighbors joining in for some lamenting and pouting of their own. I do have to say, Charter is on their game when it comes to social media. Within a few days, 3 different SM managers had tweeted at me offering to help. I tried to remember not to kill the messenger, but I explained that (apparently) there wasn't anything anyone could do. They gently persisted and asked to try one more time.

I couldn't refuse the offer. They were doing their job. And they were doing a good job of their job. I agreed to allow another visit by a Charter employee to see if they could find the problem. The appointment is scheduled for tomorrow morning, and considering the conversation was today that's pretty good service. Now let's see if it makes a difference in the real world.