A Few Favorites

I'm often tempted to start a "Kelli's Favorite Things" list similar to the one Oprah has in her magazine every month.  There are some things that I just LOVE and some things that I think I can't live without.  Most of the items on my list would be very "geeky" by anyone's standards but that doesn't change my passion.  I love all things GEEK and I know it sound really dorky but some of my favorite things bring tremendous joy to me on a daily basis.  I can't imagine a day without them. Now you all know how much I love social media.  There is an app that brings all of my "feeds" (including my RSS feeds) into one, beautiful application that makes looking at the networks more like thumbing through my favorite magazine.  The app is called "Flipboard" and is available for iPhone, iPad and that other operating system... Android.  It's a wonderful way to go through your social networks as a visual experience.  I LOVE it.

Now I don't necessarily have time to READ every interesting thing I come across when I'm going through Flipboard... But there's a simple solution.  It's called "Instapaper."  Once I find something interesting online (anywhere on the web) with just a few clicks of a mouse I can save it to my Instapaper account to "read later."  This app is perfect for the GTD system of organization too.  It's a collection of everything that looks good enough to invest in... later.   Information becomes ideas and ideas become tasks.   When I do have a few minutes to read, I got o Instapaper and sort through what I've saved to see what's really worth diving into and what is just trash.  This helps me prioritize the posts and save time by only reading what's most important.  The best part about both of these apps is how well they work together.  Flipboard has Instapaper built right in.  My workflow looks like this:  Flipboard to Instapaper to Omnifocus (more about that one later.)

Anything... and I mean ANY THING that helps me to stay organized, prioritized and on task is a huge grace in my life.  It sounds so silly but these simple tools help me accomplish my goals on a daily basis.  I am in a constant state of learning... (which I love) and staying on top of the task is a challenge at times.  But armed with my gadgets and gizmos... I'm ready to take on the world.