Seeing Red

My tomatoes are turning red.  This makes me very happy.  There is a lot of fruit on each plant, but most (all but 2) of them are still green so I have some waiting to do. I've decided that what I thought was a Grape tomato plant many in fact be a Roma tomato plant.  I picked the pretty little red fruit (which, in hind sight, was too big to be a Grape tomato) over the weekend.  It was still a bit green, but it was yummy.  After eating the second (bigger) fruit off of that same plant today, I'm thinking that I'm jumping the gun a bit and I need to learn some patience.  I think they're going to get bigger.

Regardless.... this is a wondrous time of year.  Tomatoes are just about the ONLY thing I like about summer.  (Well, that and swimming, but I don't have easy access to a pool presently.)  My cilantro died but the jalapeños are looking good.  As soon as the tomatoes are ready, I'll make a quick trip to the grocery store for onion and cilantro and make a batch of fresh salsa.

I can hardly wait!