686 Miles

Steel left this morning for Oregon. He's going early to get settled into the house he's renting with 2 friends. This is a new adventure for him (he's been in a dorm for the last 2 years) and will mark the beginning of his Jr. year of college. Where has the time gone?

It is a humbling feeling to hug your baby goodbye and send him off, alone on a 686 mile journey. It requires a lot of trust and flat out blind faith. My heart struggles with the emotions of fear and confidence and yet my brain doesn't seem to comprehend that any of this is even possible. It makes for a very long day.

He made it... as I was sure he would. Even with a few bumps in the road he arrived safe and sound. Learning to handle the complications that pop up will only better prepare him for his future endeavors.

I can't wait to watch this chapter unfold.