Destination: Turlock

Hilmar is nice, but for real shopping Turlock is our go-to town.  It used to be that residents of Turlock had to travel to Modesto for their favorite stores, but more and more this little town is getting to be self-sufficient and the need (and desire) to go north is fading away.  We've always liked Turlock.  It's where I met Leroy, where we went to high school and where our children were born.  I'll never forget the day we first heard that Turlock was FINALLY getting a Target!  Very exciting news for those of us who had waited what seemed like an eternity. Turlock continues to grow and improve.  Today, I went to the new Ulta store for the first time.  It just opened last week.  It's beautiful and has everything you could want/need regarding cosmetics and beauty products.  It's really a fun place.  Now I don't have to wait until a trip to Modesto to sneak into Sephora.  I think this is good news but Leroy will think it's bad news.  We're also anxiously awaiting the opening of the new Olive Garden restaurant.  (Conveniently located near the new Ulta store.)  This is another one of my favorite places and I'll probably be a frequent customer.

It's fantastic to see building around the area again. For me it's a concrete sign of progress. (Pardon the pun.)  The fact that the new buildings and businesses going in are close to us and a few of our favorites is just icing on the cake.

Now if we could only get an Apple Store nearby... I would be in paradise!