I'm Over It

About six weeks ago I was whining in a blog post (surprise, surprise) that I had always wanted to participate in the daily photo challenges that were so popular... Especially on Instagram.  (Click here to read the original whine...) Well... I turned to my trusty, handy-dandy organizational software (Omnifocus) to gently REMIND me every day to take the picture.  For June, I went so far as entering the theme for each day... Then in July I got lazy and entered... "Take Instagram Picture."  Well... Now that's become annoying. Be careful what you ask for.

I depend on my task software so much... for not only work items, but personal and household things too.  There are a ton of tasks in there... Of course they are all nicely organized and categorized.  The photo thing was fun, but now it's become a chore... And I wasn't having fun anymore.  I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed about taking one stupid picture each day.

I realized I was whining... again.  Then... as I listened to myself complaining to Sierra, the solution to my huge (sarcasm) problem was solved.



The sun will still come up tomorrow if I quit.  There is no shame in it.  It's not like I'm giving up some huge moral obligation or priority.  I'm over it.  So... I am here to tell you that I have achieved a wonderful sense of satisfaction because I have now DELETED the reoccurring, daily task.  It's gone forever.  And knowing my memory, I'd be willing to bet that I won't even remember the whole issue tomorrow because it WON'T be on my list of things to do.

I can hardly wait.