County Fair

There was a time we would be at the county fair every day it was open.  Sierra showed cattle for 3 years in 4-H before giving it up due to her allergic reactions.  We spent countless hours down there with animals throughout the years.  It seems strange now to only go one day... In the evening... For a couple of hours and be done. Stanislaus County Fair is a great fair.  There are lots of different animals to see, lots of exhibits and of course it's hard to pass up a good corn-dog.  I entered photos again this year so we had to go see how they placed.  (Of the entries I found, I had 3 honorable mentions.)  But still my favorite part is the people we see.  We run into the same people every year.  And for most of them, it's the only time we see them all year-long.  People we showed with are now there with kids of their own.

It's pretty neat to see the traditions pass from generation to generation.  In a world where so much changes so quickly, it's nice to see the continuation of the high level of commitment 4-H and FFA kids  put into their projects.  Even the uniforms are the same.