Unblocked Writer

Sometimes my mind gets wrapped around a blog post and I cannot think straight until it's all down in writing.  The thoughts and ideas are so profound and loud in my head I can think of nothing else.  While I'm a bit frightened and annoyed when this happens,  I'm hoping it is a trait of a real writer.  I've finally learned to quit trying to stifle or procrastinate the process until ideas fade away.  It's much easier to just dump it down on paper and translate it into words.  I have to get it out of my head. This happened to me last night.  It was late when I went to write my usual post so I had to postpone this concept until I had time to further develop and refine it.  The subject of the post has little to do with my Amazing Grace theme.  Today, I sat down and organized my crazy thoughts from the night before and the result was a 1300 word essay on modern romance novels.  (You can read the entire post by clicking here.)

Tonight, I will sleep much better having this idea out of my imagination.  I'm thankful that I've finally learned to just surrender when the ideas come.  It makes room for more imagination and concepts.  I don't feel the need to know why or where the inspiration is coming from.  I just know that it's there and that I have to do something with it.