Installation Insanity

This day started off so well.  Last night when I went to bed, I read that the new Apple operating system would be available for $20 on Wednesday.  Then, this morning it was announced that it was released today and available for download.  With all of the new features on this system, I couldn't wait to start playing with it.  I downloaded it, left it to install... and got a very scary error message that there was a problem and the software wasn't installed.  Worse yet, it wouldn't let be back into my old OS.  I was completely locked out of my computer.  It's almost like losing a limb.  I went numb. I quickly made an appointment at the Genius Bar for this evening.  I didn't touch a thing on the computer.  With hope in my step, and a fervent prayer in my heart, I hauled my Mac into Apple for a fix.  By the grace of God, the genius was able to restore my computer to "pre-installation attempt" status.  We didn't mess with anything else.  I have another appointment on Tuesday to completely erase the hard-drive (after a very thorough back up) and installation of the new OS Mountain Lion system.  I'll have to wait to play with the new features, but compared to the threat no computer at all, I'll take the delay.