Beach Day Dream

Today we took some time to sit on the beach and just relax.  It was really wonderful.  There were a lot more people out today and almost all of them had an extraordinary dog or two.  It was a lot of fun to watch them play in the surf and run around on the sand.  The marine layer was thick today so it was a little chilly but it is a welcome relief from the heat of the Central Valley.  (It is still amazing to me that we can travel 2 hours away and experience a temperature change of 30-40 degrees.) Whenever we spend time on the coast, we daydream about owning a home near the beach and imagine how wonderful it would be to see the sea everyday.  Whenever we share this vision, people tell us that it would become boring, and that we wouldn't like it after a while but I can't believe that would be true.  I envision us spending time (almost) every day just like today... sitting on the beach, watching the waves, full of peace and serenity.  We'd walk the dogs in the surf, bask in the sun when it appears in the afternoons and leave the windows open all day long so we could smell the salty air.  We've agreed that we'd host our friends and family so they could enjoy the serenity of the environment.  We've got big plans.

Until then we will appreciate what time we are able to spend on the coast.  Every visit is grace filled and leaves us overflowing with gratitude and anticipation for the next time.