Team Effort

It's such a blessing to be part of a team that really works well together.  But I must remember that being a team means we function as a unit.  When one of us is absent or not able to fulfill our commitment for whatever reason, the others step up to cover so the overall output remains steady.  Of course this can't become the norm.  Picking up the slack or carrying an individual becomes tiresome and a burden.  When that happens the weak individual becomes more of a liability than an asset.  Watching the Olympics the last few days has reminded me of this basic principle.  Teams serve a higher purpose and share the same level of commitment, or it doesn't work. I'm not at RCIA tonight but the wonderful team that surrounds me on Monday nights will easily pick up the slack.  This team really works and has for many, many years.  Better yet, there will not be any complaining or guilt placed upon me when I return.  That's just what they do.  They cover me when I am unable to fulfill my duties and the program will not miss a beat in my absence.  (Although, I miss out on the grace.)  Sometimes, it's necessary to shuffle the schedule a bit and make a little extra room for what matters most.  I'm just glad the blessings come on both sides of the coin.