Table Top

Since we moved into this house in March, we've been using one of John and Anne's tables in the kitchen. It was a beautiful piece in dark wood, bar height, with 6 leather chairs. It really matched the hard wood floors well and looked really nice in the dining area. The only problem is that it wasn't functional for me. I'm too short. Even sitting on the chairs, the table hit me right under the chin. I can probably count on one hand the times I have sat at the table. It just didn't function for me.

This morning, Leroy and I went and got our old kitchen table out of storage. This set is at least 22-23 years old and was originally a Christmas gift from my in-laws. It's very simple, and yet very sturdy. The fabric on the arm chairs has seen better days, but the chairs and benches are in great shape. The only problem is that it is light oak, and doesn't look nearly as elegant in the kitchen. Actually, it kind of clashes, but I don't care. It works and the best part of all, it brings wonderful memories back into our home.

I realized today that I've become very attached to the dinner tables we've owned. This realization originally came when we sold the old dining room set in March, but having this table back in the house made me understand the connection. The reason doesn't surprise me. One of the greatest pleasures in my life is feeding people. It brings me (and Leroy) tremendous joy. So it is no surprise that I would get so emotionally attached to an item so closely associated with this passion. I wish I could remember all of the meals and all of the people who were served around this table. So many wonderful friends and family members, and many of them passed on. We have laughed, cried, worked, celebrated and just hung out around this table for so many years.

So even though it's a little worn, and a little mis-matched I'm thrilled to have this table back in our home. It's like welcoming home a long-lost relative. I made a vow to myself to never get rid of this table. I'd love to have it in a big office someday in my dream home. Until then, I look forward to many more meals with friends and family and the wonderful memories that we'll make.