Oh Land-Lordy

We've sprung a leak. A hot water leak to be exact. I knew the warm temperature of the hardwood floor in the kitchen was weird but I didn't have any idea it was the sign of some pretty significant damage. I kept thinking it was the sun, or maybe heat from the dishwasher... But it turned out to be a hot water leak...somewhere. (We still aren't sure where.) They've torn up all of the flooring in the dining room, kitchen, hallway and some of my office. This is going to be a process and a bit of a hassle, but we're taking it in stride. After-all, there are worse things in life than leaky pipes. This is one to keep in perspective. The grace has been the rapid response of our wonderful landlords. They really are terrific. Best of all, not only have they been quick to action, they have been sympathetic to our (temporary) plight. That is pure kindness. We'll have to alter the schedule and living arrangements a bit for a while, but it won't last forever and we'll survive. It's just nice to be shown some empathy. It makes the irritating tolerable.