Noise Pollution

I really hate noise. Even white noise drives me crazy. When I'm home alone I don't play any music or even leave the TV unless I'm watching a show, which has been a bit more than usual with the Olympics. As part of the leak repair project we've been enduring, there has been a very large fan and Hepa filter running in our kitchen constantly. CONSTANTLY! And it was loud! I understand (and completely appreciate) the purpose of having this equipment in my house... And the fact that this equipment and technology exists is pure grace. I truly am thankful the machines were here... but to say that I'm glad their gone would be an understatement. It was so irritating to listen to them 24/7. Of course because of the added noise, all of our normal noises had to be amplified as well. I.e. TV, phone and personal conversations.

It's very, very quite in here now. Actually, all I can hear is the AC (another point of grace in this heat) and the ceiling fan. This is a big sign that things are beginning to return to normal.