Pajama "Shark Week" Day

The only thing that could lessen the depression over the Olympics coming to an end is the glorious return of the Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  (YES! I am that geek!)  I LOVE SHARK WEEK!  And even though I recently (today) discovered that my husband does not share my enthusiasm, he has been very kind and indulged my obsession off and on all day.  (SIDEBAR: This new knowledge along with the fact that I just learned that he doesn't like pineapple is causing me to question our relationship and wonder if I really know him at all...) We've switched back and forth between Olympics and Air Jaws (my personal favorite.)  I haven't decided if my attraction is the sharks themselves or the stunning photography that captures their activities.  It's probably the photography that I appreciate most.  I love watching these shows so much,  I fantasize about taking the entire week off (next year, of course) just so I can indulge in the programming at will.

The only thing that made this day better (besides the empty schedule) is that we were able to spend the entire day in pajamas.   Well, at least I spent the entire day in pajamas.  It was fabulous.  A real relaxing Sunday which is exactly what we both needed.  I'm going to add this dress-code requirement to next year's plan for Shark Week as well.