Poke In The Eye

The saga of my contact lenses continues. Although I did not have perfect vision with today's trial pair, I think we came pretty close to what could be tolerable so Dr. Andre suggested going a full week. In anticipation of my "contact lens instruction" he had the staff show me how to take them out myself. This is the part I've been dreading the most. Ok, not the most. I'm dreading putting them in the most. It took a few attempts, and someone instructing me the whole time, but I got the suckers out. Of course she had to tell me that it was out. I couldn't feel it on my finger tips and if it wasn't for her telling me to stop, I'd probably still be digging around in my eye. I keep reminding myself that there are some very young children doing this by themselves on a daily basis. I've started the mantra... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. (Although I'm not completely convinced that I can.) It's time to see if the old dog can learn a new trick. I'm focusing on the potential of a life without glasses and that gives me the inspiration to give it a try.

We'll see if the new trick is too much for this old dog.