Hot Mess

Today will not appear on this list of "Kelli's Best Days Ever." It started off with a lot of stress and some emotional outbursts (on my part.) I was late, and frustrated and poor Leroy took the brunt of it. He quickly came to my aid, although I'm not completely sure he wasn't just ensuring my rapid departure. (Not really, he was very kind.) Later, I spent quite a bit of time climbing in and out of vehicles (taking pictures) in 100 degree weather. Not a pretty sight. I was a hot mess. I really hate it, but I sweat like a horse. That old phrase "real women don't sweat" never, ever applied to me. I pass "glow" very quickly and go to drenched. It's awful. Most of the time I'm too cold, but sometimes I get too hot and my body responds very quickly. I guess that's good and although I know it's healthy I still think it's gross and it makes me feel horrible. I keep telling myself that passing out would be much more embarrassing, but I'm not always convinced. The good news that the sweat did its job. I cooled down and eventually returned to normal.

We'll try again tomorrow.