B-Bye Charter

We've been talking about it for a while, but today it really happened. We went back to DirecTV after a 20 month hiatus. We switched to Charter when we moved to Hilmar and it's really been a nightmare. (Mostly issues with the Internet.) We've talked about going back for a while, but we were locked into a contract. Now that DirecTV has agreed to buy us out of the contract as well as include NFL Season Ticket at no extra charge, it was a no brainer. Now we won't miss any of the Tennessee Titans' games.

We still have Charter for Internet and phone. (Phone may be on it's way out too.) But, for the Internet, I think we're stuck. No one offers faster speeds... which is really great, when it's working. Resetting the router 2-3 times a day gets to be a necessary hassle. I'm hoping disconnecting the cable will help with that issue.

As happy as I am about having the DirecTV programming, I think I'm the most excited about saying good bye to Charter.