August Beach Day

We can check off another successful beach day for the month of August. This time we were back at Baker Beach in San Francisco and we brought along Sierra, John and Anne. This trip had the added attraction of actually going across the Golden Gate Bridge too! We're getting smarter with our "Beach Day Routine" by stopping to eat before we arrive at the beach. We chose North Beach as our dining destination and had a delicious lunch at Calzone's. Every trip with John Almeida turns into an adventure. He adds excitement to every place we go and usually keeps us laughing constantly. We discussed (at length) this blog and John had some "helpful suggestions" regarding the content. He said that he enjoys some posts more than others and prefers that I write more consistently about topics that interest him. It frustrates him to have to sort through to find topics that he enjoys. I of course met his constructive criticism with an appreciative response (sarcasm) and suggested that perhaps the world would enjoy reading a blog written by him. After all, I got him on Facebook, maybe I can turn him into a blogger too. We did all suggest that he write anonymously as to no implicate those around him and I think he's seriously considering the idea. (More sarcasm.) If he does, I'll be sure to feature it here and add a link to share.

Anyway, 8 months into the resolution and we haven't missed one trip. We've already scheduled September's date. (The secret to the successful implementation.) I don't know where we'll end up, but I'm already looking forward to it.