Thin Crust Light Cheese Pepperoni and Extra Mushroom

I love food. I've written about it often and I'm fairly sure my passion for food is never going to change. Even though we've been trying to eat a bit healthier lately, I refuse to give up some of my favorites and pizza is one of them. (Actually, my normal diet consists of things much worse than pizza.) A part of our new strategy is portion control and healthier choices. After consulting my "team" (Leroy and Sierra) we decided to try a lighter variation of one of our favorite foods. We ordered a thin crust, light cheese, pepperoni and extra mushroom pizza from Pizza Plus.

It. Was. Divine.

I think it was perfect, actually. (We'll except that it could have used even more mushrooms.) It may even be my new favorite.

Before anyone makes a comment, I already know I can't eat it every day. (Even though I really want to...) This is a once in a while treat. And it is totally worth an extra hour on the treadmill.