I know it may not seem like it, but I really do have a filter. Actually, I have a pretty strong filter. There are many, many things in my life that I never share in my blog, on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else. I'm not particularly shy, I just think there are some things that people would rather not know. I don't feel the need to tell everyone about every aspect of my life. (Although it may seem like it.) I am thankful for the wisdom to decipher what is appropriate and what is not. I will concede that this is different for everyone, and our opinions on "appropriate" may vary. But, for the most part, I do a pretty good job of keeping controversial content to myself. It's not that I'm afraid. If you ask me for my opinion, I will tell you. I just don't feel a strong need to broadcast my opinions to the world. It's very irritating to be bombarded with information that you don't want or care to know about someone. It's burdensome and I make a conscious effort to avoid the pitfall. That being said... There are some simple solutions to resolve the issue. It's very easy to unfriend or unfollow someone... or just hide their comments from your feed. It's very liberating and keeps social media a positive and fun means of interaction. I've often considered starting an anonymous blog to post some of my more controversial thoughts, but I don't feel a strong need to be validated. Nor do I wish to spend too much time defending my positions. That day might come but for now, I'm content with things the way they are.

Just be aware that I am protecting you from a severe case of TMI.