I once heard a celebrity say that being rich didn't buy happiness, it buys choices. When you are affluent you have more choices available to you. Services, items, experiences can be paid for with money. That's really what makes money so appealing to us. It's removes (some) of the limitations on the choices we make each day. When we think of it this way, our freedom of choice really is a gift. It's a decision we make. Some of our choices are easy; either this or that. Some of our choices are difficult. Sometimes too many choices can complicate things so much that we really abuse the freedom because we don't want to put in the effort it takes to choose the right thing. The choices I make shape who I am; every choice, every time. Even the seemingly insignificant things can have tremendous impact with chosen over and over and over again. Some are negative and some are positive, but both will have an impact one way or another. Many of us take this freedom for granted. I take this freedom for granted. It's a grace-filled moment when we are gently (or not so gently) reminded that we are blessed with this tremendous gift. As an American woman, I should be even more cognizant of this freedom which is denied to so many around the world. I ought to pay more attention to the significance and put a little more effort into making the wise choice.