Happy Birthday Landon

Today was Landon's (nephew/Godchild) 12th birthday! We all met at Pizza Plus for a dinner/party to celebrate. Landon had football practice and an open house at school before coming so he should have been very tired. On the contrary. He was his usual comedic self, keeping us all entertained. The best part of the evening was everyone in the room calling Landon after he received a new cell phone as one of his gifts. The calls were coming so fast he couldn't keep up. He even got a picture/text from Steel at school. He finally had to put the phone aside so he could focus on the rest of the party and his guests. Landon and I firmly believe that this family NEEDS a pot-bellied pig and we won't rest until we have one. I don't mind sharing as long as he keeps the family pig at his house. We're going to work on the acquisition.