Sick Sense

I have a sense of humor. Some may even say a sick sense of humor, and they would be right. I find humor in just about everything around me. It might be a coping mechanism I've developed, but whatever the reason, I'm really glad it's a part of my personality. It makes life so much more fun. The other thing that I'm not afraid of (or ashamed of) is my ability to laugh at myself. I hope that everyone understands that it is not self deprecating. (I find that EXTREMELY annoying.) I'm not trying to garner any attention by making fun of myself... I'm just odd. I know it and I think it's funny. Simple.

I tend to not take things too seriously, which is irritating to some around me. I think that's funny too. Which makes me want to do it even more. (Now you're getting a real sense of the "sick" part of this behavior.) I've been blessed to be surrounded by people who tolerate me and I know sometimes they have to work at it. I'm sure glad they do. I hope that I can repay them by putting a smile on their face once in a while.

Even if the joke is on me.