Tonight was the official start of the 2012 Season for Pacific University's Football team. The Boxers hosted Simon Fraser from Canada at home... and )of course, since we weren't there) the sun was shining brightly and it was a clear night for the game. We watched the live feed online via the iPad and Apple TV. (Thank you Steve Jobs.) Our old big screen does not have HDMI so we brought the newer TV down from our bedroom and hooked it up to make it easier see. Steel's grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins were here to cheer him on. We had a buffet style dinner and made our own "stay at home tailgate" for the occasion. It doesn't compare to watching him live, but it is the next best thing and I'm thankful for the technology that makes the magic happen. The Boxers lost this one to Simon Fraser, but Steel had a great game. He was in on some really exciting plays, had a few carries and even caught a screen pass that resulted in a big gain. He even had a "typical Steel" play where he just kept driving and driving for the extra yards when his helmet was ripped off. There is a new NCAA rule that a player has to come out for at least one play when that happens, so of course, we all boo'd when he was forced to exit the field.

This never gets old.

I love to watch that kid on the football field. I'm always a little misty eyed and there's a huge lump in my throat during the whole game. This "feeling" can't be pride because I take no credit for his abilities or his heart.

It is indescribable, overwhelming gratitude. Pure gift. Pure amazing grace.