September 1st

September 1st has always been one of my favorite days. It's almost as important to me as January 1st and for almost the same reasons. It is the annual marker of the official end of Summer. It signals the beginning of a new school year. It suggests cooler weather and of course the beginning of football season. But September 1st has a special meaning for the Rocha family. It is the start of the celebration of Anne's birthday (September 20.) September 1st means it's Anne's Birthday MONTH! Yes. Anne's birthday lasts all month long.

We kicked it off in style tonight. We celebrated with the Baballe's and the rest of the Mexican restaurant as we all sang to Anne for her birthday while she was perched in a saddle with a sombrero. I have a great photo... and even some video of this event, however I'm not going to share it (yet) since she was not too pleased with our enthusiasm and my original Facebook post.

I'm going to consider the absence of photos and video as my first gift.