My family thinks I'm crazy... but I LOVE the TV show Hoarders. No one, and I mean NO ONE will watch these shows with me, but I can't resist them. I have to admit that sometimes the images they show make me physically nauseous and I have to look away but for the most part I just find it interesting. Today there was a Hoarders Marathon so the TV stayed on all day tuned to the show. (That never happens.) I think the show is fascinating, but more than that, I think the people with this disorder are even more fascinating. They have so many issues in common, but each one is unique from the things they collect to the excuses they give for their behavior. Most of them don't think they have a problem and get very defiant when confronted with the reality. This is what captures my imagination. These people have some deep, psychological issues. On an episode today, a hoarder told the psychologist that she was storing some of the "stuff" for her sister. The hoarder's husband stepped forward to say that she didn't have a sister. The hoarder quickly came up with the story that the husband only said that because he had an affair with her sister. Another lie. For most of them, this disorder cost them their friends, family and physical health, and yet they will vehemently defend their behavior when questioned.

This show is a tremendous motivator for me. Pack Rat runs in my family... and I am determined to break the cycle. (Moving often really, really helps too.) Every time I watch an episode, I start to look around at all of my "stuff" and make evaluations. I've learned some valuable techniques to avoid clutter, overbuying and storage. There is a lot more I can get rid of to simplify even more and I'm determined to make it happen.