Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

At this point in time I do not know what I was thinking when I volunteered to be a CCD (aka: Faith Formation, Catechism, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) teacher.  I know I tried to convince myself that it is no different from RCIA (adults) and that I was up for the challenge, but to be honest, I'm second guessing that decision.  I know I was excited at the concept of introducing Confirmation to these kids.  My class is 9th grade, 1st Year Confirmation.  This is when they will learn about their "adult" yes to the baptism they received as infants.  This is their time to come into their own faith and to make the choice.  I hope I an express that to them throughout the year.  At his point the Church recognizes them as adults in the faith.  With that recognition comes opportunity and responsibility. There's no turning back now.  I'm jumped into the water and now I either need to sink or swim.

I met the class today.  There are eleven signed up and all but one was there tonight for opening mass.  We only had a few minutes to talk before we headed over to mass and I practically begged them to behave.  (A real pet-peeve of mine) and for the most part they were pretty good.  It's not really fair to assume they would understand what my expectations so it can only get better.  I'm already looking forward to next week when I can spend a little time getting to know them better.

I wonder what I'll learn...