Emergency Surgery

At 3:00 pm on Monday afternoon, we received a telephone call from Steel. He was being admitted to the hospital and needed emergency surgery on his leg. During an ultrasound exam, they discovered that he had a torn artery in his leg that required immediate repair. Because of the artery damage, they told him he had a 50/50 chance of keeping his leg. Our hearts sank.

With some quick action by incredible friends and family, within 90 minutes we had flights and a rental car. Together with Sierra and Anne, we flew from Sacramento to Portland and drove straight to the hospital. We found Steel's room-mates along with other friends and coaches waiting for word from the doctor. Steel was still in surgery when we arrived.

The good news is that the surgery went well. They were able to repair the artery from a graft from his leg. He has a torn MCL and ACL, but he PCL looks intact. His leg is quite stable so they did not need to stabilize it for the artery repair. He has an incision about 20 inches long. The doctors are optimistic about his prognosis but the next few days are critical for further assessment.

Words can never express the relief we felt when we saw him in recovery. He was very glad to see us as well. We hung around until he went to his regular room, visited some more and finally resigned to leave him for the night to get some rest.

We just checked into the hotel and right now, almost 12 hours later are finally breathing normally.

Please continue to pray for his recovery. I will try to update this blog each day with news.